The Swiss biotech company originates from the groups of Prof. Karl-Heinz Krause as well as Prof. Luc Stoppini.

Prof. Karl-Heinz KRAUSE, as a clinical researcher at the University Hospitals and University of Geneva, is mainly interested in pluripotent stem cells, neural differentiation and reactive oxygen species. As a serial entrepreneur, he co-founded GenKyoTex SA (antioxydant treatments) and TransCure Biosciences (HIV-targeted treatments). The active involvement of Prof. Krause in NEURIX allows the company to maintain a direct contact with state-of-the-art research and the most recent developments.

Prof. Luc STOPPINI held several positions in major pharmaceutical companies before joining Hepia, the Geneva School of Engineering. Furthermore, he also co-founded two companies Biocell-interface SA and Capsant Neurotechnologies (Switzerland) SA. As a world leader in 3D tissue culture systems, Prof. STOPPINI contributes to the optimization of product development at Neurix.

Dr Mathurin BAQUIE, researcher at the University of Geneva and start-up consultant, provides additional support. He brings dual expertise in biochemistry/toxicology and biotech development. Dr BAQUIE was trained at renowned North American as well as European institutions.

The laboratory of NEURIX is based in the dynamic and fully equipped incubator ECLOSION, which is located in the high-tech industry district of Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.