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Human organoid models

Advantages of Personalized service
Human organoid models

     Short & Long term compound testing
     highly physiological human 3-dimension tissues

     High throughput and lead compound validation


Neurix offers customized services for organoid applications and drug discovery. Our experienced scientists are happy to work with you in order to understand your needs and meet your objectives.
The services below are examples that have been executed for specific needs.

Organoid generation with custom IPSCs
We generate from your favorite IPS cell line organoids compatible both with high/low throughput for drug screening, or for compound validation with extended readouts.

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Custom organoid manufacture
We adapt to your needs and generate following neural tissues from human stem cells depending on your research interests.

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Additionally, Dopaminergic neurons (TH positive) as well as motor neurons (Foxp1 positive) can be generated.

Multiple readouts on organoids

High number of readouts can be applied for neuroscience research, and may be adapted to higher throughput for drug discovery.

Fluoresent / luminescent reporter.

As example, the fluorescent synapsin reporter for monitoring of neurotoxicity

Cyto- & neuro-toxicity testing

We perform in routine cytotoxicity assays


Cell sorting

We do cell sorting to quantify neural cell populations, or purify newly generated cell lines

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Proteomic / genomic analysis

We performed genomic analysis in our glioblastoma invasion model

Histological analyses

Performed for deeper neuroscience investigation projects, as example for glioblastoma invasion.

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Design and generation of cell-based assays

Our scientist would be happy to meet, and design cell-based assay which suits to your need. We currently develop cell-based assay to assess the quality of a bio-active molecule in a cheap and accurate manner.

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Personalized service - Service specifications

Cell types




Production technology

Field of application
Assay window

- Mature tissue: Composed of neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes
- Early tissue: Composed of Neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes progenitors and neural progenitors. The latter cells keep generating newborn neurons in a dynamic process.
- Embryoid tissue: composed of endodermal, mesodermal and ectodermal cells
Neurix’s Minibrain & Neurosphere technology with minimum batch to batch variability guaranteed by extensive quality control of identity (rt-qPCR)
Lead compound validation, high throughput screening & neuroscience research
Short term (7 days) to long term (1.5 month)

Our publications

Preynat-Seauve, O. et al. Development of human nervous tissue upon differentiation of embryonic stem cells in three-dimensional culture. Stem Cells Dayt. Ohio 27, 509–520 (2009).

Krug, A. K. et al. Human embryonic stem cell-derived test systems for developmental neurotoxicity: a transcriptomics approach. Arch. Toxicol. 87, 123–143 (2013).

Validated assay and protocols
Personalized service is integrated into a variety of validated assay that can be implemented in drug development for efficacy evaluation of novel compounds:
     Cell viability assays
     Histological analysis (IHC & IF)                    
     Cell sorting and cell population analysis (FACS)

     Genomic analysis

     Proteomic analysis


Get in contact with us
Neurix offers customized services for neural applications. These include gene / cell / polymer therapy testing, brain tumor drug testing, neurodegenerative diseases modeling and neurotoxicity assays. Our experienced scientists are happy to work with you in order to understand your needs and meet your objectives.


Phone: +41 22 379 46 43


Location: Avenue de la Roseraie 64

1205 Geneva, Switzerland

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